A Tenner In The Pocket.

I keep a jar in my room into which I dump change every once in a while. The intent is to use the amount accumulated to buy games in the January sales each year. Last year it went towards buying Spiderman on the PS4 but this year I wanted to do something different.

Despite the South of Scotland being absolutely battered by wind and rain today Kyle and I drove out to Carlisle with £20 worth of change in a small purse.

Anybody would think we’d been busking.

Rules are simple. You have £10 to buy the best game (or indeed games) you can at that price by trawling the second hand shelves of Carlisle.

Mission Start!

First stop was CEX on Scotch Street which is the usual Carlisle haunt for anything second hand as far as games go. The first thing to note is that anything Nintendo Switch related was way out of the budget, even the decent 3DS and Gamecube shelves were priced way above what we had in our pockets. Anything first party Nintendo will be at least £25.

Over on the PS4 section though.



It’s the Definitive Edition of DmC, the Ninja Theory reboot of Capcom’s demon slaying series that gained a whole heap of flack for the redesign of Dante. I took a punt on this a few years ago with the 360 version despite having no prior play time with the main series. I ended up really loving the combat and chaining combos together. It was sold alongside my whole bundle of 360 games once I purchased my PS4 about five years ago.

I don’t often revisit games I’ve finished though so this might not be a great choice. Whilst I had a lot of fun with it a few years ago I’m not sure it would hold the same attention now.


Fallout 76, the Fallout game with all the interesting bits removed, can be yours for under a tenner.

Perhaps not.


The Order 1886 is a game I remember looking at the previews for around about E3 2014 and thinking it was incredible. The detail was impressive and the Victorian Steampunk vibe was certainly something I was interested in. The developers, Ready At Dawn, had already made a name as a studio getting the best out of the PSP with their versions of God of War.

When The Order finally arrived though it seemed to be the PS4’s first dud title. It was accused of being far too short at around five to six hours. Perhaps if it was released today it would be up on PSN for £20 and have a better reception but it felt the ire of gamers being charged full price and deemed as being poor value. For £8 though it must surely be worth a blast.



Both of these!

Piglet’s Big Game, not small game, really big.

And whatever a ‘Rumbly Tumbly Adventure’ is.

We skipped on these though.


I have a bit of a difficult time with Hideo Kojima. I played Metal Gear Solid on the PS1 but never finished it, the second game skipped me by, I tried Snake Eater but never got into it and my lack of a PS3 meant Guns Of The Patriots was off limits. I had tried Phantom Pain before and got about an hour or two into it. It was certainly interesting and very much Kojima but it didn’t quite stick at the time.

Kyle was still in the Nintendo section and was hovering over Twilight Princess of the Wii for £6. For some reason as well the original Burnout was on the Gamecube for £3. I would have taken photos but at this point Kyle was worried that the staff of CEX were looking at us strangely for taking pictures of the shelves.

Onwards to GAME across the road.

(Is GAME still supposed to be in all caps like that?)

Game used to be really good. Being the main video game specialist retailer in the UK I spent a fair bit of money there. Then they had something of a financial crisis in 2013 and were brought back from the brink after a rescue package was put together for the chain. Going into Game now if like staring into a void in which everything fun about the hobby has been sucked dry and only numbers remain. Everything in Game is set up to catch out parents buying games for the kids without really knowing anything about it. New titles are always full RRP and very rarely come down, pre owned titles are usually only a couple of quid cheaper than brand new and sometimes the same titles have two different prices on them whilst being next to each other.

Game certainly did have cheaper titles on the preowned shelves but they were often part of a ‘4 for £20’ offer and therefore were not priced individually. Most the other titles were more expensive than those in CEX.

There was a Mortal Kombat themed candle that was scented of blood in a bargain bucket though. We passed on that and left empty handed.

The rain was lashing down by now and the only other place in Carlisle that would sell second hand games would be Cash Converters. Our last visit there was a study into how far back in FIFA’s history you could go back to. I think they had FIFA 14 for 25p. It was decided that this might not be worth the walk.

I ended up going for Phantom Pain for £5 and Kyle picked up Twilight Princess on the Wii for £6. We took £11 in pound coins up the counter of CEX and the guy there was very happy as he’d just run out of change in his till and there was nobody there to get him anymore from the office.

“It’s like you knew already mate” he said.

“Yes, I may be psychic and one day my powers will be used for something far greater than guessing change in a till” I replied.

He made no mention of us taking photos earlier which was just as well really.


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