If Wrestlers Had Pokemon

Cam- Video games are a certain combined interest between Kyle and myself. We do have other interests that the other doesn’t know a lot about though. Despite me showing him a few matches and him knowing a few of the characters, Kyle has never really got into pro wrestling. On the other side of the coin the Pokemon craze passed me by as a result of me being 15 when the first game came out. I had the mistaken belief at the time that I’d left Nintendo behind in favour of Sony.

For whatever reason the other night these two spheres combined and we wondered about wrestlers having Pokemon and which ones they would have. Here then is the official Dragon In The Castle list that we came up with. Feel free to join in down in the comments.

Kyle- We gave the most iconic wrestlers known to humanity a Pokemon. These picks were based on their personality, character traits, nicknames they have or have had and any things they do outside of the wrestling industry.

The Rock


Cam- Former WWE Champion, WCW Champion during the Invasion angle, The Great One, The Brahma Bull and probably the most successful wrestler in Hollywood today. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was at the top of his game during wrestling’s boom period in the 90’s and is widely regarded as one of the best to ever grace a wrestling ring.

Kyle- This entry took no time at all because I and the whole universe probably knew that The Rock was getting a Golem. Although we considered many others the original rock with hands was getting paired up with him no matter what. We went with this because we felt it was the only way to go and it suits him really well.


Cam- Next we have Bray Wyatt’s new persona, The Fiend. WHy do they have to have red lights on during his matches? I have no idea.

He’s a former cult leader turned children’s TV presenter who has a nice line in puppets. He’s also currently the WWE Universal Champion.

Kyle- The Fiend was a little trickier to decide than The Rock due to a lot of Pokemon fitting the bill of his character. Mandibuzz to represent Mercy The Buzzard or Gothitelle to go with Sister Abigail. There was loads to pick from but the only logical choice would be to give him a Morpeko. Morpeko, the two sided pokemon was almost destined to be the Fiend’s Pokemon partner. Morpeko’s two forms consists of a happy and cute full belly mode and the demonic and angered hangry mode. This fits his double personality so well that it’s nearly scary.

Cam- The next one we looked at is AEW’s resident daredevil Darby Allin. As soon as I told Kyle that his finishing move is known as The Coffin Drop he had an idea.

Kyle- Once I learned that his finisher was the Coffin Drop I knew what Pokemon he was getting and I had no need for further digging into his character or the Pokedex. The perfect Pokemon for Darby Allin would be the coffin pokemon Cofagrigus. The reason we chose cofagrigus is because of Darby Allin’s finisher being the Coffin Drop. While Cofagrigus’ personality is nowhere near the dark and serious Darby Allin they do make a nice parallel.

Cam- Her Youtube channel is great and I love watching her wrestle. Our next wrestler into Pokemon is The Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka. Currently to be seen spitting green mist in faces everywhere.

Kyle- This entry was the hardest yet for me personally. There were some great Pokemon that would have fit her character near perfectly. But in a five minute mental warfare in my mind over Spiritomb, Serperior and many more. We considered many but Serperior won in the end. Although Spiritomb is like a demon and Asuka fights like a possessed demon we thought that Spiritomb was not as good enough as Serperior. Serperior is a regal Pokemon that is green and like an empress which fits in with Asuka’s nickname being the empress of tomorrow. We could have so easily assembled an entire team of six for Asuka but in the end it could only be one Pokemon left standing and it was Serperior.

Cam- Speaking of victims of Asuka’s green mist attacks there is one woman in the WWE who seems to be having more trouble with them than most currently and that’s the Irish firebrand Becky Lynch.

Kyle- Many Pokemon would fit Becky Lynch to be perfectly honest. Choosing a Pokemon for her was less tricky the Asuka but we still had a lot of pocket monsters to sieve through. At first I thought of one of the too many fire and fighting types that exist in the Pokemon universe and that was what I decided to do. I rifled through all the fire and fighting types and decided to see which one fits her. Blaziken and Infernape were immediately eliminated due to both not fitting Becky Lynch in any shape or form. So after the elimination of other Pokemon it came down to Emboar and Incineroar. This was slightly tough as they both were serious candidates in the grand scheme of things. But in the end I went with Incineroar as it feels just right. I swear there is no bias here with incineroar being my favourite Alolan Pokemon but I just had to do it. Incineroar is quite masculine and with Becky Lynch’s nickname being The Man. Emboar just didn’t fit that well in my opinion.

Kyle-Thus concludes another article and a fun one at that. I’m not going to lie I enjoyed this more than I thought. I learned alot about wrestling by doing this including the characters and events that happened in the history of the medium. I also hope that my Dad has learned about some more Pokemon besides the usual iconic ones and Incineroar for obvious reasons. Also some wrestlers somehow remind me of characters from Pokemon Like Darby Allin looking like a ghost or dark type gym leader or Elite Four or even an admin for Team Skull. For some reason Asuka, The Rock and Becky Lynch give off serious champion vibes for me personally. Let us know what wrestlers you would like us to give a Pokemon or if what Pokemon you would give your favourite wrestlers. That’s all from us so have a lovely day and we will see you next time.

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