My thoughts on the Nintendo direct

It has been a very long time since a proper Nintendo Direct and I honestly am relived to see one again. While there has been game specific Directs, Mini Directs and Partner Showcases the bigger more content packed directs have been absent due to current world events. So I thought I’d share my personal thoughts on the first direct in about 500 days and how. I’ve waited a few days to let my opinions take form as to not make a hot take. I also won’t be covering literally everything in the direct because I don’t want to waste a paragraph telling you my not very strong opinions SaGa Frontier remastered. Also these are in a rough order of when they came in the direct.

First off the direct opened up with the new smash reveal being Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I have never played Xenoblade Chronicles but I respect it and I’m happy that there is more representation in the series. They look incredibly fun to play as and that’s what I like in a Smash Bros fighter. They’re no Bob Ross but they’re decent and it continues Fighter pass 2’s tradition of going for fighters nobody expected. However I a bunch of people online aren’t too happy by saying such remarks as “Not another anime sword fighter” and “I wanted someone more cartoony like Crash or Spyro”. I have a problem with these people because they seemingly get all salty if someone they didn’t want dares get added. I know Smash has a lot of anime sword folk but at least it isn’t another Fire Emblem fighter. I will make an article about this matter later but that’ll be a while away from coming out.

Mario Golf Super Rush was also announced at a completely left field. It reminds me a lot of Mario Tennis aces both in presentation and the music. This is a good thing because Aces was pretty polished in terms of gameplay which made it fun to play with friends. On the flip side Aces lacked a lot of content and general stuff to do and the stuff it had was slightly disappointing. Story mode in Aces was a boring slog that was frustratingly difficult at times and wasn’t too enjoyable. That meant all you were left with was a great Mario Tennis game with not much to do. It did get content updates but nothing much to keep me coming back. I’m worried the same will happed to this game as both series are both seen as counterparts to each other. But the content on show here looks a bit better than aces although I’m still sceptical.

Monster Hunter Rise got a lengthy trailer to prove that it’s still coming and looks really good. This might not be a game I pick up on day one but perhaps later down the line if the mood strikes me. It looks like a really good game and I haven’t had a chance to really try Monster Hunter yet so this would probably be a nice game to get into the series with.

Next up is No More Heroes 3 which looks bonkers and I like that. I’m always a fan of games that have some style and distinction and this looks like one of them. It looks like a quality game and that’s fine by me but nothing else to say on this.

Another pleasant surprise is Miitopia which is a 3Ds game I have not played despite me being really into collecting for the 3Ds. It once again looks pretty mad and I’ve heard decent things about this game so I might pick it up. The reason I say might is because this game looks quite pricy coming in at a around £40 for a 3Ds game. This is a product of Nintendo’s obsession with not pricing their games bellow £40 but I can always buy it on the 3Ds if I wanted to.

We finally got news on the Mario 35th Animal Crossing Update and it looks decent. I thought you’d be crafting the Mario themed items like in other events but it seems you just buy them. While this is slightly disappointing there is one item that looks really fun that being the warp pipe. The warp pipe allows you to teleport to another warp pipe. I can see this being used by a lot of people on their islands to get to hard to secret areas on across the island. Other than that there does not seem to be much happening with this Update which is slightly disappointing. These items are only available for a limited time so get your bells out and spend away if you want these items.

Now onto the incredibly vague trailer that Star Wars Hunters had. For a second I thought they were making a Star Wars game were you play as a Bounty Hunter and if you’ve seen the Mandalorian you can agree that would be cool. But this game seems to be a online multiplayer free to play 3rd person shooter. I might do a review on this seeing as its free and it’s pretty should be harmless. I just wish they’d make more story driven Star Wars games like fallen order or Squadrons instead of another online shooter.

Now for the hotly anticipated Zelda 35th anniversary content for this year. We started off with news that Breath of the Wild 2 is progressing smoothly nothing less nothing more. But we do have Hyrule Warriors age of calamity DLC coming. We don’t really know what this DLC and what it will contain but it should be something ok. Meanwhile I’ll actually have to buy and play Age of Calamity because I have not got around to buying it. I’ll probably be doing a review of the game once I get it so I apologise If you’ve been waiting for that review for a while.

But the big Zelda 35th announcement was a HD remake of The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. Remaking this game makes sense to me. It is the only 3D Zelda game that has not been remade at some point. But Its still weird that they didn’t bundle two other Zelda games with this to make it like Mario 3D all Stars. I bet it would have been easy to port over Windwaker HD and Twilight Princess HD with minor adjustments. They are already HD and all you’d have to do is remove Miiverse stuff from Windwaker and add some quality of life fixes and sell a fine collection. But its nice to have all 5 main 3D Zelda games remade now and this looks like a fine enough remake. They even altered it so that you don’t have to play the game with Motion controls. They also have some awesome looking special edition joy cons based off the Hylian Shield and Master Sword which I really want but I know they’ll become £100 at some point. It is also slightly annoying that they are once again charging full price for this game at a full £50 which is dire. Id expect £35 or £40 but a full £50 is a bit much. But al least unlike 3D all Stars it will be available for more than seven months.

But that wasn’t all we had in store for the Direct because we still had that fabled one more thing announcement. These announcements are normally big and are perfect to send of a direct with. This time it was a trailer for Splatoon 3 and in my opinion this is one of the best direct announcements ever. During the trailer I honestly thought it was another DLC expansion to Splatoon 2 but as the trailer goes on it shows more and more new stuff that’s too new to be DLC. Then I realized that this is a new game and my day was made already. This game looks incredible and I love it even though we’ve seen only one trailer. It has the post apocalyptic style to it which looks awesome and I already love it. I literally screamed in pure joy when this was announced and I can’t wait to see more on this game. I can wait until 2022 to play it though because I don’t care how long it takes them as long as this game is good. This entire article could have easily turned into a discussion about Splatoon 3 if I wanted it to be but I wanted to cover the entire direct in the end.

I’m guaranteed to survive until 2022 now

For being the first direct we have had in over a year I’d say it was a good one. I’m excited to try out Pyra and Mythra in smash bros and the new Mario golf game looks cool. There were some other games that looked good but I easily am super hyped for Splatoon 3. This game is incredible and I honestly didn’t think we’d see it any time soon but here we are. I know there weren’t as many impactful reveals as people hoped for but I’m happy with what we have got. I hope this means we get more directs in the future because while I understand why they did random Twitter reveals I missed watching directs. This direct also made me confident in Nintendo’s 2021 line-up even if BOTW2 and Prime 4 get delayed I think We’ll have more than enough to make the year good. Now if you excuse me I’m going to preorder Splatoon 3 and wait at my front door until it arrives.

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