Plans For 2021

Hello, I hope you had a very lovely Christmas because I definitely did. With Christmas over and done with that means the New Year is right around the corner and 2020 is almost over. So it hopefully means that there will be less death, disease and limited releases in the future. So I’ve decided to […]

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Super Mario 35

Nintendo has a unique way of turning something we all know and love into something completely different. This is true for so many Nintendo games and most recently Super Mario 35. Super Mario 35 is another game made to commemorate Mario’s 35th anniversary. On paper this idea is great with it doing what Tetris 99 […]

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Scary and Creepy Pokedex Entries

For being a game made for kids Pokemon has many aspects that can be frightening. From Lavender Town, The Ghost Girl in Lumiose city and Cubone’s entire story in Red and Blue share a surprising level of creepiness for an ages 7+ game. But the place where the creepy levels go off the charts is […]

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Super Mario 3D All Stars review

You’ll hear many people on the internet going on about how amazing 3D Mario games are. How they define a genre, how don’t slack in creativity and style and how Sunshine is far from the best one. You might want to play these games if you haven’t already but sometimes demand for consoles and physical […]

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