Space Junk Part 4

In the bigger scheme of things rearranging furniture in a room seems a bit irrelevant. Whilst we’re all staying in our homes for the foreseeable future though it would seem the games room will get mu h more use. Try to ignore the pile of junk on the right hand side. There is a rather […]

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If Wrestlers Had Pokemon

Cam- Video games are a certain combined interest between Kyle and myself. We do have other interests that the other doesn’t know a lot about though. Despite me showing him a few matches and him knowing a few of the characters, Kyle has never really got into pro wrestling. On the other side of the […]

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D-Lux Arcade

A festival of videogames you say? In Dumfries town centre? Yes, I think we will. So it came to pass that Kyle and I found ourselves in Dumfries on a Friday evening at the D-Lux Arcade Festival. We had a cracking evening playing some old classics and some newer games in unexpected ways. The first […]

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Space Junk (Part 3).

A wild sofa appears! Finally we can ditch the steel chair we had in here as the one and only thing to sit on. It’s far more comfortable and folds out to make a bed should anybody stay over. A trip to the recycling centre today to get rid of a couple of the bags […]

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A Tenner In The Pocket.

I keep a jar in my room into which I dump change every once in a while. The intent is to use the amount accumulated to buy games in the January sales each year. Last year it went towards buying Spiderman on the PS4 but this year I wanted to do something different. Despite the […]

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Space Junk pt2

The games room in the new place is getting together. It isn’t quite the finished article but it’s looking less like the dumping ground it was when we first got here six weeks ago. There are still boxes in the room. Most of them are music CDs that neither my wife or I feel we […]

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