New Game Ideas

Each and every game starts with an idea. Over time this idea might expand and might one day become an actual game. I’m sure everyone who plays games has had an idea for a game at one point or another. I know I have and today I’ll be telling you all about this idea for […]

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A Battlefield Cloak

I don’t think I was ever that great at painting Warhammer 40k miniatures when I was a teenager. I didn’t really have anybody to teach me how to paint properly and asking somebody in store at the time would have meant walking past tables of people holding brushes and admitting you didn’t have a clue. […]

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If I Were a Pokemon Gym Leader

I’m sure most Pokemon fans have imagined at one point in their lives what if they were a gym leader in the Pokemon world. What type would they specialise in? What Pokemon they would use? Where would their gym be and what would their gym puzzle be like? So I decided to come up with […]

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A Thirty Year Click

Somewhere in the car park of Gretna Services on the M74 about three weeks ago I received a large, red plastic box. It originally belonged to my Polis Bix podcast collegue Lee who had found a Nintendo Entertainment System in his parent’s attic and was kindly passing it over to me. Not only did it […]

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Face Flat On The Concrete

About a year ago now I had a short go at Twitch streaming from my PS4. I sat for a few nights and awkwardly mumbled my way through Arkham Asylum. The main reasons that I chose Rocksteady’s fantastic Batman simulator is that I’d finished it before and I hoped that meant I wouldn’t have long […]

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